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Africa route as the key to promote our service items, with the strength of the cyber source and business processing power, transport developed by irregular. Among them, mainly covering Chinese East China, Southern China and other coastal areas to the East, South Africa, West Africa, and mainly covers the Pearl River Delta to something non - MOMBASA and APAPA, including Foshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen each big port. At the same time, our company and the Pearl River Delta ports wharfs, Towing Co and custom brokers company have long-term close relations of cooperation, help for the customer to provide more professional, fast, perfect service.


Port: port, port propertiesCM
Latitude and longitude 04 degrees 04 minutes: S, 039 degrees 40 minutes E
Route: East Africa


The southeast coast of Mombasa Island, a railway bridge is connected with the sea and Continental, near India Ocean west, is the largest port in Kenya, one of the largest port and theEast africa. In the early 3000 years ago here is an important trading port, China Ming Zheng Healso have been to. The port is Africa's industrial and commercial center, the main industrial oil refinery, shipyard, textile, cement and the processing of agricultural products. Most trade goodsKenya, Uganda and Rwanda, Tanzania and Eastern Zaire, southern Sultan, part of the transitgoods. Mombasa International Airport has scheduled flights around the world.

The port is a savannah climate, prevailing southeasterly winds. The average annual temperature is about 24 degrees, annual average rainfall of about 1200mm. The average tidal range is about 1.8m.

The main port has 16 berths, 2343 meters long coastline, the greatest depth of 13.4 meters.Handling equipment has a variety of shore cranes, mobile cranes, gantry cranes, container crane, grab crane, mobile crane tire and RO ro facilities, including container maximum liftingcapacity of 40 tons. Port has a transit shed area of 92000 square meters, and cold storage andfreight yard. The largest terminal reliable berth 65000 DWT ships. In 1992, the container throughput reached 135000 TEU. The main export goods as ivory, Pi Zhang, fiber, cotton, tea,copra, Coffee, wood, syrup, meat and dairy products, imports mainly machinery, vehicles,building materials, food, textile, food, sugar and industrial products. In the holiday of ChristmasSeal harbor. Other holidays can arrange work, but shall pay overtime.

Mombasa port is located in the East Central Africa, and to the North until almost no red sea port,South to South Africa only Durban can compare with it, so she is Africa East Coast's largest port.


Port properties: Bay Estuary port, port (C, M)
Latitude and longitude 06 degrees 27 minutes: N, 003 degrees 24 minutes E
Route: West Africa


The southern coastal Ogun (OGUN) estuary, near Benin (BENIN) on the north side of the Bay, is the largest port in Nigeria. Founded in early twentieth Century, composed of 6 islands and surrounding most of the continent, and elevated bridge wide connected, is a famous water city, it is the "Africa Venice" said. Now the economic, cultural and transportation center in Nigeria. Transport facilities, railway through the Northwest nguru (NGURU), and the Kaduna (KADUNA) direct Port Harcourt (PORT HARCOURT). The highway network and the country. Hong Kong is one of the most important West African aviation center, 23 foreign airlines and 24 routes connecting the world's 47 City, weekly flights to 300 times. The country's largest industrial zone of the port and the surrounding area, its output value accounted for about half of the country. The main industrial oil, cocoa processing, textile, automobile assembly, machinery, shipbuilding, paper, rubber, metal processing and refining, and has large oil factory. Lagos University, library and museums and other cultural facilities in the port, and Nigeria is an important tourist and health resorts. Port from the International Airport at about 14km. The port is a tropical rainforest climate. The average maximum temperature is about 30 degrees, the minimum of about 20 degrees. Every year in November to next February foggy. Annual average rainfall of about 3000mm, 6~9 is the rainy season. The average high tide, neap tide is 0.94M, 0.13m. Handling equipment has a variety of shore cranes, mobile cranes, container cranes, floating cranes, belt machine, container straddle carrier, forklift, tugs and RO ro facilities, including the biggest container gantry crane lifting capacity of 40 tons, can remove crane crane 50 tons, 250 tons, tug maximum power 1324kW. Port has a storage area has reached 240000 square meters. Ship anchorage depth of 18 meters. In 1992, the container throughput reached 147000 TEU. The main export goods for peanut, rapeseed oil, cocoa, rubber, wood, palm, cotton seed, Pi Zhang, zinc and steel, imported goods are mainly textiles, machinery, cement, flour, salt, sugar, beer, food, candy. During the holidays Chinese day, Jesus Friday and Christmas doesn't work.

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